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Tough & Durable Granite

Granite is the most durable of all natural stones used by the building and architectural industry industry. It is inert to acids, alkalis and chemicals, which makes it resistant to staining and fading. Its hardness means that it resists scratching and allows it to take on a very good polish that retains its lustre for generations.

These qualities make it the ideal natural stone for all interior application especially kitchen benchtops and bathroom vanities.

Granites from different parts of the world vary markedly in their colours and uniformity of shades or patterns. Exquisite Marble & Granite uses Granites from Europe, Africa and India and so is able to provide a wide variety of colours to suit your requirements.

Colour Samples:

Following is a sample of some of the more popular colours available. Contact us to help you select the right colour for you.


Granite | Granite Sydney | Kitchen Benchtops Sydney

Impala Black (Africa)

Granite | Granite Sydney | Kitchen Benchtops Sydney

Black Galaxy ( India)

Emerald Pearl (Norway)

Blue Pearl (Norway)

Grey Sardo(Italy)

Paradiso (Norway)

Kashmere White (India)

Rosso Porino (Spain)

Multi Colour Red (India)

Computer generated images and printed reproductions may not accurately match granite colors. We recommend final selections should be made from actual samples whenever possible.

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